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Vasiliy Vereschak

“We remain true to our word. Reliability and personal responsibility in fulfilling the commitments have become the guarantee of the company’s success over the period of 20 years.”

Vasiliy Vereschak

The President of Angel Group of Companies, colonel of the Federal Security Service of Russia in reserve, the vice-president of the International Association of Veterans of Alpha Antiterrorism Group

How do we operate?

For every project, we develop a unique package of measures to reduce the safety risks and threats, based on the analysis of true client’s needs.


Our Company uses advanced and well-proven operating technologies. Every our employee knows how, when and what he should do to perform the assigned tasks.


The organizational structure and managerial system of our Company allow us to operate swiftly, using minimum time for making decisions on arranging the protective services.


The projects portfolio of Angel Group of Companies includes the unparalleled background of experience in implementing solutions on reducing safety risks and threats for the facilities and projects of federal and international caliber.

What does Angel Private Security Company do?

Angel Group of Companies is a non-governmental security company, providing the integrated protective services to business. We are an expert in providing protection for complex facilities, featuring special-purpose processes and high responsibility, and also requiring special attention and approach.

Professional expertise and resources of the company allow us to provide our clients with the full range of services – from physical protection of stationary facilities and mass events to security escort of cash and valuables in transit, intermediate research and information services, etc.

The Main Operating Technology for physical protection of stationary facilities (MOT), adopted by the company, allows to promptly arrange and introduce the security system for the site of any complexity, regardless of its function and territorial location, whether it be Moscow, other cities of Russia, or even foreign countries.

Our efforts are aimed at qualitative transformation of security services market in favor of the improvement of customer services standards, shaping a brand-new level of communication with clients, enhancement of responsibility and business transparency. The efficiency of our performance and quality of the services rendered is verified by the portfolio of clients. The major Russian and international companies, leaders in their respective industries, have been entrusting to us the safety of their facilities for many years.

Angel Private Security Agency has been operating since 1994. During this period, we have developed a reputation of the reliable and responsible business partner, who fulfill his commitments in a precise manner and to the fullest extent.

At present, Angel Group of Companies consists of several private security companies (including PSC DOA Angel, PSC JSC Angel, PSC Angel-Shield, PSO Angel-A, etc.), engineering company iSES and LLC Angel-Consult, specializing in providing consulting services. All the companies of the Group have all the necessary licenses and permissions, including the License for private security activities, possession and use of weapons and their ammo, along with performing activities, related to the use of information classified as state secret.

The total number of employees of the Group exceeds 3,450 competent security guards, each of whom knows how, when and what he should do at any stage of operating process in order to achieve the desired goals and assigned tasks.

More and more corporate and private clients choose Angel Group of Companies of all others, when looking for a security company. Such trust is caused by our professional experience, attention to details, high standards, methods of procedure, and, certainly, high quality of the services provided.

We are using our own flexible technologies of operational management with a view to extremely reduce the risks of our clients. The unique 3Rs technique (Risk – Resolution – Result) allows our security company (PSC DOA Angel and other companies of the Group) to evaluate appropriately all the potential risks of every site, and determine the optimum individual solution, which will have the best result in every particular case. This sets us apart from many other private security companies, which offer inexpensive services to the clients, due to the perfunctory evaluation of the sites and typical approaches to the issues of safety.

The well-proven operating technology and calculation of evaluation criterion for each employee allow us to efficiently control the protective services even at the remote sites, and to provide the unswerving top-quality services.

Aside from that, it is worth to emphasize the following advantages over our competitors:

  • Careful selection, adaptation and training of employees;
  • High level of responsibility to our clients;
  • Successful experience in implementing the major Russian and international projects.

We relish our reputation and carefully enforce the rules and guidelines of business ethics. We never disclose the confidential information about our clients and their facilities.

Mutual relations with clients and employees are also important values of our company. We conduct an open and honest dialogue with our clients, as we always provide complete, authentic and up-to-date information about our activities. Prompt decision-making and willingness to change in order to better satisfy the requirements of our clients are the fundamental principles of our work.

Personnel policies of Angel Group of Companies are based on efficient training, motivation and career advancement systems. Every employee of the company, regardless of his category and position, constantly improves his proficiency and regularly verify his expertise and compliance with the current position. We respect all our employees and put a great emphasis on creating appropriate working environment for their fulfilment.

Angel Private Security Company address the projects of any complexity and always achieve the desired goal of reducing the safety risks and threats. Only highly experienced employees, who have successfully finished their training and official evaluation, can be allowed to provide security services.

The unique operating technologies and automated business processes, high efficiency and good value for money make the offering of Angel Group of Companies the best one on the market.

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